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The Homebox Story

We're a experienced team of technology experts based in London.

We had enough of being stuck in a spreadsheet desperately trying to figure out how to manage our household bills, avoiding being ripped off and making sense of it all. And we reliased there were many others who felt the same way.

Now we're trying to make things better by focusing on the things that really matter to people, when they move and day-to-day in their homes.

We want to digitise the home and automate the home experience to give people more, insight, control and more time to do the things they love.

How We're Different

Guided By Our Users

Homebox.io has been set up by a team who believe there's a better way to manage your home. Whether it's seeing how much your monthly bills are or setting everything up when you're moving. We want to build something which is as useful to you as we can make it, so we invite you to be part of our journey and help shape Homebox.io.

Built for Security

Our team are experts in technology through-and-through, drawing from years of experience across commercial and government projects we use the latest and greatest in security systems. We're even pioneering a new data standard for others in the industry to adopt.

Building the Smart Household

We're building more than a place to manage your bills, we're building a next-generation platform with exciting integrations to the rest of your smart home. Through open source projects we will realise the power of collaboration across the technology community.

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