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About Avro Energy

Avro Energy says it offers simplicity and doesn’t charge exit fees on its tariffs. But is Avro the best energy company for you?

Avro Energy claims to offer low-priced gas and electricity tariffs. In fact, its dual fuel deals are often among the cheapest on the market. Plus it doesn’t charge exit fees. Avro’s founders said they set up the firm to tackle consumer disadvantage in the energy market and suppliers using complex concepts and terms. It pledged to be ‘a different approach to simplistic supply’. It begun trading in December 2015 from its Warwickshire base and is included in our annual energy companies satisfaction survey for the first time this year. Does Avro Energy offer the best deal for your home? Compare gas and electricity prices using Which? Switch to find out.

Avro Energy customer score

Avro Energy came 7th out of 31 energy companies rated by 8,762 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey – the broadest view of energy companies there is. Its customers rate it more highly than any of the Big Six energy companies. Keep reading to find out why. ‘Bills are well laid-out, clearly labelled, with straightforward explanations of technical terms.’

Avro Energy customer Avro Energy score breakdown

The graphic below shows the breakdown of its score in our latest survey. Scroll down to read our verdict on Avro Energy, plus who its tariffs are suitable for. Find out how Avro Energy compares with other energy firms in our guide to the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Avro Energy

Avro Energy’s customer score is well above average, but it’s not the highest new entrant in this year’s survey. Octopus Energy, also new to our survey in 2018, scores four percentage points higher and is a Which? Recommended Provider for energy. Avro is among the 11 energy companies whose customers rated them excellent value for money. ‘Cheaper than I was previously paying.’ Avro Energy customer Avro Energy offers tariffs for customers who want to pay by direct debit and manage their energy account online. It doesn’t supply prepayment meter customers. If you choose to switch to Avro Energy, it will take your first payment by direct debit 21 days after you sign up (one week after the cooling-off period during which you can change your mind). This means that you could make your first payment before Avro Energy supplies your gas and electricity. Avro Energy has not published its fuel mix yet. Pros: Offers competitive tariffs Cons: Doesn’t supply customers with prepayment meters, nor offer paper bills

Avro Energy electricity sources

Avro Energy hasn’t yet published data about where it gets its fuel as it’s too new. Want to know how much money you can save on energy? Use Which? Switch to find the cheapest gas and electricity deal. SHARE THIS PAGE More on energy companies Big Six reviews All guides about energy companies You may also be interested in Heating controls – five money-saving tips Save electricity Wood burning stoves: what you need to know

Key information

70,000 Customers
2015 Year formed

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up?

You can sign up through Avro Energy’s website, or quickly & easily sign up through Homebox for free and we’ll automatically monitor for price increases for you.

Where can I find Avro Energy reviews?

Do they offer smart meters?

Yes, they do.

Homebox compares the most energy providers across the UK

See how this energy supplier compares with 70 others. Save an average of £300 now.