Homebox Technologies

The home is becoming more and more digitised and consumers are looking for the most seamless ways to manage their household services. We help ambitious companies realise this with our utility comparison offerings and consultancy services.

What we do

Get the best deals for energy, broadband & more for your customers.

  • Intelligently match users with deals from a wide range of suppliers.
  • Automatic saving systems, for ongoing user relationships and revenue generation.
  • A complete drop-in energy comparison & switching system for your customers.

Energy Comparison API

Our complete energy comparison & switching API has everything you need to build custom journeys for your customers.

It's a fully featured JSON based REST API, built by developers for developers.

Drop-In Widgets

Time to market is critical. Our drop-in widget gives your customers a full comparison & switching experience directly within your website or app. It takes just minutes to set up and we manage all updates and constantly optimise the experience through methods like A/B testing.

Find out more here.

Consultancy Services

Through our many years of experience in the UK PropTech & FinTech spaces we help realise cutting-edge technology projects. From UX design to systems integration, we've got what it takes to deliver projects in a lean and agile environment.

Talk To Us

Drop us a line on [email protected] and we'll take it from there.