Temporary Internet Connections

Broadband can take weeks to be installed. Homebox can help you go from zero to internet as quickly as possible.

Whether you set up your internet with Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk or Relish chances are you'll have to wait for installation for a few weeks.

Homebox can help recommend the best internet service provider to get you set up quickly, or to use on a short-term basis.

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Broadband Installation Time Comparison - Coming Soon

Homebox is in the process of rating all broadband company's to find out how long they take to install new connections or switch your existing connection. Check back here for updates.

Find The Best Deals

Find the best short-term deal for you with Homebox's broadband comparison service, including deals from Cuckoo, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Plusnet.

Deals start from just one month contracts.

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Homebox helps you set you and manage all your household services including gas, electricity, broadband & more. You also save money by monitoring for better deals when they become available.

Sign up to all your services in one place then see all your household bill in one place in your own home dashboard.

How Long Does Broadband Installation Take?

Broadband installation times can vary depending on a number of factors. One of the most significant causes of delays is if an engineer needs to visit to install a new cable and other hardware.

Typically a new internet connection will take two weeks to be set up. BT advertise 10 days. If you need a phone line to be activated or hardware to be installed this can take longer. Virgin Media offer a self-service 'QuickStart' where they send you a SuperHub in the post 'in as little as 4 days' from the time you take your contract out with them. If QuickStart isn't an option it can take significantly longer.

Moving Home Checklist

  • Does your home already have a suitable type of wired connection (e.g fibre or phone line)?
  • Has the connection been used recently, if not the line may need to be activated again.
  • Is your landlord or freeholder willing to give permission for installation work, like drilling through a wall or laying cables through the front garden?
  • Are you able to be at home during the day for an engineer to visit?
  • Is it a busy time of year, or are you signing up to a popular promotion?