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Is this service for students or professional renters?

Both! We have a large number of student sharers using our service, as well as professional sharers, couples and individuals looking to have an easier way to pay their bills.

Are my energy payments fixed for my tenancy?

Your monthly payments are calculated based on the number of tenants you select for your home. The more tenants living in a home, the higher the cost for your energy each month.

The cost of your energy (the unit rate and standing charge) is a fixed cost that will remain the same for the next 12 months, but the payments you make are based on your energy usage, so your payments could change based on your usage throughout the year.

We calculate your quote based on the annual amount of energy used, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. It's almost certain that you'll use more energy in the winter than in the summer, but we'll charge you the same flat rate across the year if you use the amount of energy we think a home of your size will use.

How much energy is allocated for my home each year?
Energy Graph showing stats of energy usage per year
What are the unit rates of your fixed energy tariff?

Unit rates vary depending on the package you are on. Please contact us to find out more information. You can send us an email or call us 0208 106 1894

I've uploaded a bill and nothing happened.

We aim to respond within 10 working days. If you have not received an update within this time frame, please book a call or submit a query to us.

How long will it take to have my internet installed?

Typically internet will take 10 working days to install subject to engineer availability. 
Once your account is set up with us, you'll receive regular updates from us including your broadband installation date and any updates we receive from suppliers.

I'd like to change my payment date, how do I do this?

Please note that if you live in a home with other bill payers, everyone's payments will change if a payment date request is made.

You can contact us via LiveChat or call out customer service team (0208 106 1894)

When am I charged each month?

Once we set up your account, your first payment will be taken within the first two weeks of your tenancy. If you'd like to change this please contact our customer service team. (0208 106 1894)

I've moved after my tenancy start date. How much do I pay?

We charge you for your bills in advance, meaning the payment you make covers a 30 day period from when your tenancy starts. For example, if your tenancy started on the 10th October and you made a payment of £300.00 on the 12th October, this payment is actually covering 10th October to 9th November.

If you'd like to change the date we charge you each month, we can absolutely facilitate.

When will I receive my internet router?

If you've chosen Virgin as your broadband supplier:

A) and you've been given an engineer installation date - the engineer will bring the router with them on the day they complete the installation, you don't need to do anything.

B) and you've been told you're having a QuickStart install - you'll receive a text from Virgin alongside a Yodel tracking link which will provide you with a router delivery date. Once you receive the router, there will be instructions in the box and a phone number direct to Virgin should you have any problems.

If you've chosen XLN or Home Telecom:
you will receive a text message and email (if you've chosen Home Telecom) which will include information on your broadband installation and the router delivery date.

When do I receive my final balance statement?

Once your tenancy ends, we'll receive your final energy balance up to 8 - 10 weeks after your tenancy ends. As soon as we have this, we'll send you your final statement. If your tenancy has ended more than 10 weeks ago, please get in touch with us via live chat or call 0208 106 1894 .

Tip 1: If you haven't sent us meter readings already, please do so that we can ensure that your final bill is accurate.

Tip 2: If you've already left your home, you can request a copy of your check out report from your letting agent or landlord - your meter readings will be on this report.

Tip 3: Don't assume you have a credit for your home! Your final balance will be based on your energy usage throughout the time using our service.

Still need help?

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