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Choose the services you'd like to include, using our market leading quote generator.


Invite your housemates

If you're living with friends or family, feel free to invite them to pay their share of the bills.


Create your accounts

Once set up, you'll be able to view the progress of all your bills within your own account.


Sit back and relax

Make smart spending decisions on the spot.

Gas & Electricity

Your home will be powered by either electricity and gas or just electricity.

Pay for what you use: Pay a monthly amount to cover your usage, averaging your usage across the year into a flat monthly payment.

Unlimited Broadband

All of our broadband packages offer unlimited usage with no usage caps.

Our broadband packages come with public WiFi back up, 24/7 customer support and no peak time slow down, meaning you can stay online at peak speeds during peak times throughout the day.


Through our unique partnership with Home Telecom, we're able to offer Sky TV contracts that wrap around your tenancy length, rather than getting an 18 month deal by going direct to Sky.

Water & Council Tax

There are specific water providers and local authorities who provide both water services and council tax across the UK. Unfortunately, it's not possible to negotiate better rates for these services, however we ensure that your accounts are set up and paid for each month. If you're a student, you'll be exempt from paying council tax.

We love bills, so you don’t have to

Why Homebox?

We're on your side

We know that utility suppliers can be tricky to deal with, trust us. That's why we're here, to try and bring the customer experience for managing bills into the 21st century.

Single monthly payment

Rather than having multiple direct debits from multiple suppliers at different times of the month, Homebox allows you to have a single payment each month.

Bank level security

Our platform is built on top of regulated banking systems, meaning that your money is safe. You can track your payments to suppliers within your online account.

Support that's human

We know that sometimes speaking with someone for five minutes can solve a five hour problem. You can call, email or message us on our socials.

Customer driven

Thought of a feature that would make your bills better for you? We're customer driven when it comes to building the best possible product.

Great perks & rewards

By signing up to Homebox, you'll have access to our exclusive discounts and perks platform, enabling you to save £100s in shopping, days out and so much more.

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Per person, per month included within your single monthly bill payment