As the cost of living is continuing, in part due to the energy crisis. Many of us are looking at ways to be smarter with our money and make each pound go further.

The rising costs can make many of us a bit anxious about dealing with our day to day spending. However, facing your worries with Homebox puts you in a great position within this climate.

Our support teams are here to navigate the best utility services for you at the lowest possible price. Along with the comfort from our support team, we also provide our customers with Homebox Perks. You can make the most of your money just by using Perks, available to you on sign up.


All customers have access to Perks, where a selection of discounts and offers are available. Such as Costa, Sainsbury’s, Uber Eats, Look Fantastic, and many more.

Taking full advantage of  Perks can easily offset your utility bill by hundreds of pounds a year! By using Perks for your monthly needs, from a food shop to days out, you can save with the multitude of discounts available. Leaving you with more funds to put towards your utility bills.

How can you do this?

Start by logging in to your account and searching through the many options for discounts and offers available to you. This way you’ll be prepared for the next time you're spending!

Based on the average 4 person household you could save £1,000.00+ across the year on basic expenditures. That can mean £1,000.00+ more to hand to put towards your utility bill.


As a Homebox customer you’ll receive a welcome email upon completion of your account. Within this email you’ll be given a link to activate your personal ‘Perks’ account, where you will also be directed to the login page.

Set up is quick and easy for all customers so that you can start saving and prioritising your bills!

Do you have any questions about Homebox Perks? Contact the team today and we’ll help you navigate through them. click here!