Whether you’re a Fresher or in your final year of study, you’ll know that uni is a place full of opportunities. Not only can you make friends and discover how much alcohol your body can handle, but you’ll develop skills, gain confidence, and prepare yourself for the world of work, equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to see you through the rest of your life.

Though many students get by on their student loan and turn to the Bank of Mum and Dad when they need a top-up, others fund their lifestyle through a part-time job. Below, we’ve put together some of the reasons why you should consider working whilst you’re studying…

Earn money

The most obvious reason to take on a part-time job when you’re studying for your degree is to find a new source of income to pay for your course books, new clothes, and nights out.

Sure, working in a pub or restaurant isn’t going to change your life or make you a millionaire, but it gives you more freedom and allows you to pay for things you couldn’t usually afford.

What’s more, if you’re not eligible for the maximum student maintenance loan of £8,700 (if living outside of London but away from your parents), then a part-time job can help to pay towards your living costs such as your rent and household bills like water and electricity.

Work experience

All students should have some work experience under their belts before they graduate, and whilst it’s good to have experience in your chosen industry, any employment will look good on your CV and help you stand out in today’s competitive graduate job market.

Put it this way: if you’re competing with another first-class honours student but they’ve never worked, employers will likely favour you as they know you’re not afraid of getting stuck in.

What’s more, when it comes to applying for internships and future jobs, your part-time boss can give you a reference and help you stand head and shoulders above the other applicants.


xThere’s no getting away from the fact that working and studying at the same time can be tough. You’ll need to balance your study with work and socialising, and though it may be overwhelming at first, you’ll develop organisational skills and become a true professional.

Rather than spending your free periods and days off hanging out with friends or binging another season of your favourite Netflix show, you’ll be out there earning money, learning to become more disciplined, managing your time and prioritising important responsibilities.

Develop skills

There are so many skills that you can pick up in a part-time job. Whether you’re stacking shelves in the local pound shop or serving customers at the chicken shop, you’ll improve your communication skills, punctuality, and teamwork. All of these can be mentioned on your CV, demonstrating transferable skills that you’ll be able to take with you into your adult life.

Depending on your job, you may even be given training or sent off on courses to develop skills such as customer service and management. Jump at any opportunity for professional development and embrace challenges and hurdles that come your way. The more you learn in your early days, the easier you’ll find the transition from studying to full-time employment.

Meet new people

Finally, getting a part-time job is an opportunity to make new friends and expand your social circle. Whether you’ve struggled to make friends on your course or you don’t get on with your new housemates, having another group of peers to chat and socialise with is great for your confidence and mental wellbeing. You can sound off about things that are frustrating you away from your university pals and get advice from more experienced members of staff.

And that’s without mentioning the customers you’ll meet. Who knows? You might meet your future husband or wife working behind the bar! Put yourself out there and see what happens.

Though juggling a part-time job and studying full-time for a degree isn’t for everyone, there are so many reasons to make the commitment. Whatever you choose to do, we wish you the best of luck in your studies and job seeking and encourage you to consider our household bills management service, designed to save students time and help them budget better.